February 9, 2015



Talking Plaques have been working on this project since February 2015, the team has been working hard and coming up with new ideas and technologies to improve the plaques.

At first it was intended for the user to have internet or 3G connection on their smart phone to be able to interact with the plaques, but this was soon replaced by the mobile app, so no internet or 3g is now required on your smart phone to be able to interact with the plaques.

Our team then decided to create a plaque that everyone could interact with, we met with the department for Equality and Social Services and decided to place the plaques at a height accessible for wheelchairs.

The team was feeling strong and positive on creating the plaques accessible for people with disabilities. We started working on the idea and soon realized we could also make the plaques accessible for the hearing and visually impaired.

The team continued to improve the plaques, and agreed we could not create a Talking Plaque in only one language, if we want everyone visiting Gibraltar to know our history, so we researched on the statistics of tourist nationalities visiting Gibraltar and met with the Gibraltar Tourist Board and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust.

I can now proudly say ”well done to the team” we did it!

The Talking Plaques is now available in 8 different languages, by selecting the appropriate language when installing the mobile application, they are also very user friendly, accessible and inclusive for all.

Talking Plaques is the revolution in modern technology plaques.

Gibraltar’s tourist sites, statues and monuments will have the Talking Plaques, so have your smart phone ready when you see a Talking Plaque, download the free mobile app to be able to interact with the plaques and hear its history.

In conjunction with the Gibraltar Tourist Board, Talking Plaques will bring new technology to Gibraltar tourists sites, bringing history back to life!

Using NFC, QR and Geo location technology, Talking Plaques breathes new life into the History that surround us all.

Supported by the Gibraltar Tourist Board & The Gibraltar Heritage Trust.





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