February 13, 2015



The Talking Plaques are now installed on 34 major tourist sites in Gibraltar, attracting many millions of visitors per year.

Talking Plaques is the latest technology on plaques at tourist sites and as such is being promoted across all media. The Talking Plaques Mobile Application is the central resource for tourists visiting Gibraltar and will be a must to achieve the real experience of our history. With our website on high Google ranking, and press advertising across all media, the Talking Plaques mobile app is the place to be found.

The information is available in 8 different languages, by selecting the appropriate language when installing the mobile application. The plaques are very user friendly, accessible and inclusive for all.

The Talking Plaques has to be useful and attractive for users, so the advertising strategy is based on these principles. The mobile app has selected areas for adverts, like Things to do, What to see, Where to eat, Where to drink, Where to shop, Where to stay, Weather, Upcoming events and more, guided via Geographical location.

Flyers with a guided map of the Talking Plaques will help the user to identify the plaques and location.

For further information on advertising opportunities contact:

Talking Plaques

Gibraltar: 00350 54035601

United Kingdom: 0044 7421111902

Email: Customer Support

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