Talking Plaques gets go-ahead for major project in Gibraltar

Talking Plaques Gibraltar are working on a major project in Gibraltar. The project involves adding Talking Plaques technology to all the historical sites and statues in Gibraltar. This service will help tourists, making their visit to Gibraltar a real amazing experience and Gibraltar businesses by promoting their businesses. For details on advertising opportunities, please click here. The project will Read more about Talking Plaques gets go-ahead for major project in Gibraltar[…]


One of Gibraltar’s most important tourist attraction, traditionally known as apes, they are in fact tailless monkeys, properly known as Barbary Macaques. They are best known of Gibraltar’s attractions and roam freely throughout the Nature Reserve. Barbary Macaques are wild animals and visitors are advised to show caution when in their company.


This ancient Jewish Cemetery facing Tetouan in Morocco was last used in 1848. Jewish merchants from Tetouan came to settle in Gibraltar when it was first occupied by British forces in 1704. They were joined here by other Jews active in the Morocco trade – from London, Leghorn and Amsterdam.

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