April 1, 2016

Gibraltar Coach Tours

Gibraltar Coach Guided Tours – 15-22 People

For Travel Operators, Corporate Tours, Large Families and Private Groups

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  • Europa Point
  • St Michael’s Cave
  • Apes Den
  • Moorish Castle
  • Town Center




The Talking Plaques tour consists of approximately 1hr 50mins duration which starts by picking you up from any destination in Gibraltar. We begin the coach tour by driving towards Europe point where we will stop for approximately 15 minutes, along the way we will see the Evacuees War Memorial, Admiral Rooke, Line Wall, and the 110 Ton Gun, you will hear its history along the way to Europa Point. Europa Point is located at the southernmost point of the Rock of Gibraltar. Here you will see breathtaking views across the Strait of Gibraltar into North Africa and Morocco, along with the bay of Gibraltar and the Spanish towns along its shores.

Next we will continue the tour and head towards the upper rock nature reserve stopping at St Michael’s Cave for a 20 minute visit, along the way you will see the Pillars of Hercules and hear its history. St Michael’s Cave sees thousands of visitors every month wandering through its huge caves with just a few steps and easy access. This amazing, natural phenomenon was created by rainwater slowly seeping through the limestone rock. The cave is one of the most visited cave inside the Rock of Gibraltar and receives almost 1,000,000 visitors a year.


After St Michael’s Cave we will visit one of the most famous tourist attractions in Gibraltar – The Apes Den, for a visit to the monkeys! Here you will spend some time with our famous Monkeys. The Barbary Macaque are the only ones to be found within the continent of Europe. They reside at the upper rock nature reserve. At present there are over 200 apes in 9 packs that roam throughout the upper rock. Legend has it that in 1942 the population of apes fell to just 7 and the Prime Minister of Great Britain (Sir Winston Churchill) ordered that the population of the apes be immediately replenished because as long as there are Barbary Macaques on the Rock, Gibraltar will remain under British rule.


On the drive down from the upper rock Nature Reserve we will see Princess Caroline Battery, Lime Kiln, City under Siege Exhibition and World War Two Tunnels before we stop again and visit the Moorish Castle, at the Moorish Castle you will be able to see the battle scars due to cannon ball shots against the castle between the wars of the Moors and the Spanish. The Moorish Castle is a medieval fortification in Gibraltar which is made up of a number of buildings. The Moorish Castle stands proudly on the Eastern elevation of the Rock, a proud symbol of the long and colorful history of the Rock of Gibraltar originally built in the 1160CE. It was ransacked by the Spanish between 1309 – 1333. This ‘Tower of Homage’ was rebuilt in the 14th century by Abu-l-Hasan.

As we exit the nature reserve we will drive through the old town of Gibraltar before we end our tour at Casemates Square which is located in the center of town and at the entrance to Main Street, so you can enjoy some shopping and quality time.


Note: Upper Rock Nature Reserve tickets are already included on the tour price.

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